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Godox Litemons LA150Bi Bi-Color LED Light

Godox Litemons LA150Bi Bi-Color LED Light


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Key Features
  • 2800 to 5600K Color Temperature
  • 0-100% Dimming
  • 11 Special Effect Settings
  • Bluetooth Wireless Control
  • Bowens-S Type Reflector Mount
  • Built-In Umbrella Mount

A versatile and intuitive lighting tool, the Litemons LA150Bi Bi-Color LED Light from Godox offers a budget-friendly lighting solution for YouTubers, livestreamers, content creators, and more. Providing a crisp beam of light with sharp shadows, this high-output, bi-color LED light ensures natural and faithful colors in a variety of lighting environments, and with stepless dimming from 0% to 100%, you can quickly adapt the light to any scene. Offering an advanced level of creative control, eleven special effect modes include flash 1, flash 2, flash 3, storm 1, storm 2, storm 3, TV, broken bulb, candle, fire, and firework. The light is also configured to accept Bowens S-mount light modifiers and accessories, such as the included reflector, and a built-in umbrella mount is provided for additional versatility.

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