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Godox LST40 Light Tent (40x40x40)

Godox LST40 Light Tent (40x40x40)


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Key Features
  • 5600K Color Temperature
  • Soft Shadowless Light
  • 96 CRI | 98 TLCI
  • Ideal for Products and Small Objects
  • 3 LED Strips with Diffusers
  • 2 Shooting Ports for Cameras

Ideal for shooting small objects, the LST40 Light Tent from Godox measures 40x40x40cm and employs three LED strips with diffusers to surround your subject with light. The color temperature is a daylight-balanced 5600K with high CRI/TLCI ratings of 96/98 - an indication of advanced accuracy in color rendition. The tent has two shooting ports (front and top) for cameras.

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