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Godox MS300-V Studio Flash Monolight (3-Light Kit)

Godox MS300-V Studio Flash Monolight (3-Light Kit)


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Key Features
  • 3 x 300Ws Strobes (LED Model Lamp)
  • 2 x Softboxes with Speed Rings
  • 40" Umbrella (Silver/Black)
  • Standard Bowens-Type Reflector
  • 3 x Light Stands (6.6')
  • XT-16 Wireless Power-Control Trigger
  • Carrying Case

This MS300-V Studio Flash Monolight Kit from Godox is a compact and portable light kit that combines three 300Ws strobe monolights in a convenient and versatile kit. It includes two 24 x 36" softboxes, three 6.6' light stands, a 40" silver/black umbrella, a standard Bowens-type reflector, a 2.4 GHz wireless remote transmitter, and a carrying case.

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