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Godox Studio Flash QT600IIM

Godox Studio Flash QT600IIM


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The set contains:

  • Godox QT600IIM lamp
  • Power cable
  • Bowl
  • Modeling lamp
  • Flashtube cover
  • Original packaging
Godox QT series are available in several power versions up to 1200Ws, they are characterized by a range of flash energy regulation in the range of 7 degrees of aperture (1/1 - 1/128, with an accuracy of 0.1 EV). Recycle time to full flash energy in less than 0.9 seconds. At minimal power, it achieves a very short flash duration of only 1 / 28984s, which allows free shooting during sessions. The flash color temperature is 5600K and may fluctuate within ± 200K depending on the flash energy set. We have several lamp modes at our disposal, of which the Stable Color Temperature deserves attention.
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