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Manfrotto Master Lighting Stand 1004BAC

Manfrotto Master Lighting Stand 1004BAC


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Key Features

  • Compact 4 section stand with 3 risers supporting up to 9kg
  • Innovative stacking system for potability
  • Smooth air movement cushioning protects gear and fingers
  • Equipped with spigot and removable adapter for versatility
  • Extra wide 160cm footprint for complete stability

Transportable and compact, the Master Stand is an innovative must-have. Made from reliable and lightweight aluminium, it won’t weigh you down and is sturdy enough to support up to 9kg.

Featuring Manfrotto’s innovative quick stack system, the stand can be purchased individually or as a set of three (1004BAC-3) Making it the ideal choice for any professional looking to support equipment such as Studio Lighting, LED lights and a large array of studio equipment and photography accessories in the studio or on location.

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